How to Turn a Cylinder with a Router

Woodturning can be a very fascinating way to shape wood into lovely cylindrical structures. But there are certain limitations to turning. The first and the most important one is the size of the wood you are turning. There is usually a limit – if the wood is bigger, then you will either need a very big lathe or the work becomes really difficult to manage.

But what about when you want to make say a table – you need the legs of the table to be high. And for this you will need to turn a long piece of wood. And today we have brought you an easy and simple way to do that – what we are about to teach you is how to turn a cylinder with a router. That’s right. You can use your router, along with a set up that you have to custom make – the result is that you are able to turn a long piece of wood – very easily.


How is it done?

We could go into giving you a protracted explanation of the various steps and the setup to be made – but you’d have considerable trouble following it. And we’d run into pages explaining. Instead, we thought, how about getting it for you in the easiest-to-follow form. And to that end, we have brought you a video.

Here you will learn how to set up the ‘device’ that you need to construct to be able to use this technique. You will also learn how to set up your router, so as to get the right results. In fact, you will also be able to watch the cylinder being turned, using the router. So you will know exactly how to manage the job.

And in the process, you may as well pick up a few very good tips and tricks as well. But we will not go on any more about that now – and instead bring you the actual video:

So you see – just how innovative and yet simple the whole set up is? If you have reasonable experience, you mustn’t have had any trouble in following it. But if you are new, then take some time to go through the video and you will probably have an eureka moment – when you will suddenly see the sheer simplicity of this procedure.

And now that you know how to turn a cylinder with a router, or in other words to make a lathe of your own – you should give this a shot at the soonest!


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